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Progress, no matter how slight, is still progress!
Shire Station does not yet produce beer for commercial sale. We are diligently working towards the various aspects of business creation and attempting to satisfy the various regulatory and oversight organizations involved in opening a craft brewery. In the meantime, please enjoy our vision of things to come.

Check out Tony's latest Journal entry on our licensing process and Air BnB ---> HERE Updated 1/14/2017

Welcome to Shire Station - the merging of two passions that go hand-in-hand. What goes better with a brewery than draft horses? Ours are the originals, the first real beer delivery system - a stable of Shire horses to compliment the brewing lifestyle.They plan on hanging around the brewery (in pastures, of course), enjoying the spent grains and participating when they can.

We are in the process of expanding a home-brew passion to a actual craft-brewing business in the San Joaquin Valley town of Lemoore, California. Every town deserves a local brewery and we plan on being it here in Lemoore. Nano-breweries are popping up everywhere now, and with the popularity of craft-beer soaring, what better time to strike while the iron is hot.

Stay tuned for our progress - you'll see it here first!

In the meantime, we will continue to maintain the herd, produce big hand-crafted ales in our brewery, then drink them ourselves. Keep up with our progress toward making our dream a reality in our Journal.

Shire Station --> "Teaming" with the most beautiful horses on the planet!

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Coming soon to the Lemoore Metro Area!

Shire Station Brewing Company

Lemoore, CA 93245
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Brewing is too much work to settle for mediocrity. Dull beers are easy enough to find. With the proper approach and quality ingredients, every batch can tap-dance on the tongues of your friends in an unforgettable performance.
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