Level-3 Check Ride Double-Secret IIPA

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Level-3 Check Ride is a bold "Imperial" IPA. It is a study in balance on a large scale, where the hops take center stage but are kept in check by the malt. Like it's namesake, the beer is the result of many years of effort, training, blood, sweat and dedication. We consider this brew the pinnacle of our brewing expertise. There are five different hop varieties used at every stage of the brewing process, for a whopping total of over 2.6 pounds per barrel brewed. The malt bill is simple... in order to balance the bitterness and aroma of the hops, we mash on the higher end of the conversion temperature scale, resulting in a final beer with more residual sugars and more robust mouthfeel. Although Level-3 is the bitterest beer we brew, there will be no bitter-beer-face here!
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Shire Station Brewing Company

Lemoore, CA 93245
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