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The most recent (and powerful) trend in the West Coast craft beer industry is mega-hopped IPAs. Many call them "Double" IPAs or "Imperial" IPAs, but they are still essentially just examples of India Pale Ale clones that have been "supercharged" to appeal to the hop-heads out there. We are admitted "hop-a-holics" and happen to be some of the biggest fans of this style. We have sampled numerous examples of these great beers and have enjoyed all of them. If the "big boys" at the mega-breweries caught-on to this, they just might give the craft brewers a run for their money. But that would never happen because they would not be cost-effective from a mass-marketing point of view (i.e. too expensive to produce).

IPAs were originally created before the days of refrigerated storage so that English pale ales or bitters could be transported from Britain to India, where the thirst for beer was in high demand by the troops fighting in the war (at least that's the rumor). It was discovered that beers higher in alcohol content and essential hops oils better preserved the beer for the long trek. IPA's were born...HALLELUJAH! American craft brewers have taken this one step further and hopped the bejesus out of their beers, giving them boosted hoppy bitterness, flavor and aroma characteristics. Magnus is our version of this now classic American highly-hopped IPA.

Magnus is high in alcohol, high in hoppyness, and high in malt flavor. In other words, if you took a pale ale and increased it's airspeed, altitude, and magnitude in every way, you would get a Magnus. It is a IPA on steroids (no steroids added). Over 16 pounds of grain are added per 5-gallons of liquor to provide the solid malty foundation and the nice alcohol boost. Then come the hops....oh sweet hops, added at just about every opportunity during the brewing process. Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe, and Magnum hops are added to varying degrees as first wort additions, 120-minute boil additions, late kettle additions, flame out, and dry hopping additions. If you can't get the complexity of all aspects of the hop out of this brew, you need to have the old olfactory and taste buds examined.

This is our favorite beer! It is big, bold and Hoppy - all in perfect balance of course. It truly is "Imperial Hoppyness" Defined.

Shire Station Brewing Company

Lemoore, CA 93245
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If my mother was tied up and held ransom, I might think about making a light beer.
Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder of Stone Brewing
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