Morgan the Belgian

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Morgan the Belgian is a dark, strong Trappist-style Belgian Ale brewed in the tradition of the monastic beers. It was inspired by my good friend Adam "Flanders" Stieve, who took a beer pilgrimage to Belgium and fell in lust with the unique Belgian way of brewing. I asked him what his favorite beer experience was and he told me that he was quite sure that the Roquefort 10 was his new favorite beer. He asked me if I could reproduce it - I said I'd give it a shot. This is the end product of that experiment. I am quite proud of the result.

"Morgan" is brewed in the strict Belgian style using Belgian Pilsner malt as the base, and is accentuated with Caramunich and Caravienne malts. I add Dark Belgian Candi sugar after the boil to bring out a higher alcohol "warmth", just like the Monks do! The hops used are European varieties (Hallertau Mittlefrush and East Kent Goldings) and a high alcohol tolerant yeast is added for fermentation. After three weeks in the fermenter, the beer is carbonated to a "higher than American" level to give the ale it's classic fizziness. The beer is then bottle aged for an additional month before serving.

"Morgan" pours dark muddy-brown, slightly cloudy, with a foamy head that stays forever and laces thickly to the last drop. The nose is syrupy sweet and malty with dried fruits (raisins, plums, figs) and a hint of straw. Taste is characterized by strong sweetness up front, a bit of tartness and a very boozy warmth. It carries just a faint hint of bitterness in the end. It has a creamy mouthfeel with lively carbonation.

Those who are used to light American lagers will likely find Morgan challenging. This is not a sissy beer and holds true to big Belgian Style ales. Enjoy.

Shire Station Brewing Company

Lemoore, CA 93245
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After calling the monestary for weeks, finally somebody answers. They tell you when you can come; they tell you what beer you can buy; they tell you how much you're gonna pay. And if you don't like it, then God be with you."
An anonymous and frustrated Trappist beer fan.
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