Warhorse Blonde Ale

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Warehouse Blonde Ale is a very light, dry and crisp beer. Although we do use some rice in the blend to get the lighter color, this beer should not be confused with the light American lagers brewed by the mega-corporations.

Warhorse is a unique beer in that we actually use Riesling wine berries (others might call them grapes) in the fermenter to add to the slightly higher ABV as well as a slight acidic and lemony tang to the final beer. The distinctive white wine nose on Warhorse comes from the Riesling grape as well as a very unique hop we use. The
Nelson Sauvin hop (11.7%AA) is grown only in New Zealand and has a very distinctive aroma and flavor. The first time we experienced this hop, we thought it smelled just like white wine - fruity and pear-like. We thought it would be interesting to use this hop in combination with some white wine to enhance the dryness. We like the hop so much that it is the only hop we use in Warhorse - from first wort to bittering to aroma and dry-hopping, it's all Nelson Sauvin all the time in this beer. It is also the only beer we make that uses only a single hop variety!

Warhorse pours light and fizzy, with a bright white foamy head that lingers. The nose is of crisp white wine, with definite notes of gooseberry and lemon. Taste is characterized by initial tartness, but soon balanced by the residual sweetness in the malt. Warhorse Blonde is a crisp and refreshing beer that will sneak up on you if your not careful.

Although it looks like a light-American lager, you will be blown away by the difference in taste and aroma. If you like white wine, Warhorse is a must-try for you.
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It takes a lot of good beer to make great wine!
Brian O’Donnell, Winemaker of Belle Pente, 2013
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