Wonder Star Pale Ale

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Wonder Star Pale Ale is sub-titled "Harmonious Simplicity" because that's what defines it's character. It is a relatively simple brew without an extensive grain bill, complex hop additions, or fancy mash procedures. That's what makes it fabulous. Sometimes keeping things simple produces fantastic results - certainly true in this case. The base is American two-row pale malt, with just a hint of crystal malts to give it a boost of depth and color. Wonder Star has a burnished-copper color that looks darker than it tastes. It has just enough hop bitterness with it's additions of Cascade and Tomahawk, to offset the malty character of the barley, with a late addition of Simcoe providing a resiny flavor boost. Wonder Star is lightly dry-hopped with Chinook and Citra to give it a nice, spicy floral note on the nose. A dry English ale yeast with high attenuation is used for fermentation so that only a subtle yeast taste contributes to the final product. Wonder Star Pale Ale is a great example of a classic American Pale Ale.
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Why is American beer served cold? So you can tell it from urine.
David Moulton
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