A hot day at Shire Station

Happy Father’s Day! It is our hope that all you Dads out there have a nice, relaxing day and that it is filled with love, cigars, and craft beer! We have had a very busy week here and are now hunkering down for the heat - expecting a high of 104 today. As always, when you own a ranch, the animals must always be considered, and on a day like this, they need a bit of help.

IMG_3576 IMG_3577 IMG_3579

In the photos above, two of our Shires (Duke and Bailey) are being tended to by the gang (Sonya, Brandie, Hailie, and Madison) along with our Air-BNB guests (and new friends) Anda and Ruben, who are visiting us from the Bay area. The horses are being washed with cool water and having their tails and manes braided. This helps keep them a bit cooler when the temperatures are high.


The picture above is of our 6-week old Philly “Pride” and her Momma (back-end anyway). Pride beats the heat by staying close to the cool ground. For those wondering, the mask she is wearing keeps the flies out of her eyes and is see-through.


We will be ever vigilant to the amount of water the horses consume and keep a close eye out for signs of overheating - then we will be in the pool all day!