Shiny New Brew Kettles!

Aren't we something else?!?
Over the last year, while we have been searching for just the right location to open the Brewery, we have been slowly acquiring the equipment that will eventually be our electric 1bbl brewing system. Most of the effort to date has been put into building the electronic brain of the brewery. Since that has been completed and we are fairly certain we have found the perfect spot to open the Brewery, the rest of the equipment needs to be purchased so Roscoe and I can get busy.
There are many "moving parts" to this project, but they are all anchored by the brew kettles. Pictured above is what will eventually become the Hot Liquor Tank, Mash/Lauter Tun, and Brew Kettle. They are 55 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker brew pots that will be converted into the respective vessels. We will produce 31 gallons (1 barrel) of finished sweet wort through the brewing process which will become six "sixtels" of finished, kegged beer once fermentation is complete.
We are thrilled with the pots and can't wait to get our brew on!