Status Update

It’s been a while since I last posted an update ... far too long. It’s not that we have stagnated; rather, we have just been busy. We have continued to brew on a regular basis and have added environmental control to the brewery. Fencing has gone up, horse enclosures perfected, solar power installed, and a new HVAC system in the ranch house. Our Guest cottage is now officially in business with AirBNB and Sonya/Brandie have been working diligently on our event venue.

Check out our listing at and spread the word.

We have also submitted our application to the TTB (Feds), which will allow us to legally sell and distribute our beer. Aside from the State Liquor License, this is one of the major hurdles on the licensing path. I tell folks who are interested that it is like filling out a request for a security clearance (x4) combined with applying for a mortgage. The TTB has made the process a bit easier by providing a fairly user-friendly online application, but it is still painful. It will be good to have that in the rear-view mirror!