Our First Component

A brewery is born! You have to start somewhere. We are starting with the nerve center of our future 55 gal (net 1 BBL) set-up - the electronic controller. Shire Station has purchased the large (>30 gallon) electronic controller kit from The Electric Brewery. This controller will allow us to better control all the variables in the brewing process and will transform us from rag-tag home brewers to a professional outfit. I estimate that it will take us some time to build this panel, but doing so will better allow for repairs in the future. Plus Roscoe loves dinking with electronics.

The guts of our control panel

The good folks at the Electric Brewery have supplied all the parts and the instructions to make this beautiful (and functional) control panel and we are grateful to them. Once completed, we will be able to program, set and hold accurate mash schedules of time and temperatures and perform step infusions as required. Also, the controller activates the two system pumps for movement of wort and water. No more back-breaking lifting of hot kettles and coolers! Can't wait to get this and start the build...

What our controller will look like when complete