Brandie's First Brew Day

I have a little catching up to do on these Journal entries... This post should have been entered back in October... better late than never.
We are so proud of our girl (and co-owner) Brandie for wanting to learn the entire brewing process. This is her first brew - Cranky Clyde Cream Ale. She was the brewer from start to finish.

Brandie setting the panel up

For anyone that has ever attempted all-grain brewing, it is a complicated process with a lot of moving parts. Brandie jumped right in (under strict supervision from brew-master Roscoe) and learned the entire evolution. There is no better way to learn then to do.

Left, Brandie is cracking the grain (called grist) - Right, she is stirring the mash.

In the end, Brandie produced a fabulous batch of Cranky Clyde Cream Ale, and gained a great deal of knowledge on the whole process. Mostly, she got to spend an entire day with Roscoe and I, which is priceless. Great job, Brandie!

If you don’t like to clean, don’t become a brewer.

Nothing happens when you push the button...YET.

Pasted Graphic
We are making progress (albeit slowly) on our brewery controller. Since we don't have a location for the brewery yet, we have the luxury of taking our time and doing it right. As you can see, construction has been completed on the outside of the controller and all the PIDS, lights, switches and indicators have been installed. The heat sink for the SSR's is also installed.
Pasted Graphic 1
Here you can see the electronics mounted to the lid of the box sans wiring. We have a lot of work to do!
These are the Solid State Relays mounted to the heat sink.
The bottom of the control box with all the external connections.
We'll have more photos to post as we progress down timeline. Cheers.