6-Up Barrel-Aged Maple Oatmeal Stout

Our Six-up Barrel-aged Maple Oatmeal Stout is out of the barrel and into the bottles. We decided to give this method a try and we are not disappointed with the results. Our "normal" Six-Up Imperial Oatmeal Stout sat in a Bourbon barrel for six months just aging peacefully. We bought the barrel from a company up in Washington State called the Woodinville Whiskey Company. Each barrel is American Oak that has been charred on the inside, has aged a batch of their Bourbon Whiskey, then aged a batch of their maple syrup.
We thought this would add amazing complimentary flavor profile to our own roasty-toasty stout, and we weren't mistaken. Roscoe and I are absolutely stunned (in a good way) with the results. The final product tastes so good and so unique that we decided to enter it in this years American Homebrew competition, with first round judging occurring in mid-march and final judging in mid-June. Although we love all our beers, we have never considered entering any of them in a competition before. This one was so special and took so long to produce that we decided to share it with the world. Wish us luck!
For anyone interested in checking out the competition or, perhaps entering a beer of your own, heres the link to the site. Cheers.
Our plan is to use each barrel for three agings we are going to call 1, 2 and 3 (pretty clever, huh?). The first aging turned out to be pretty potent stuff, as it absorbed strong doses of the oak, bourbon and maple flavors from the cask. We'll keep you posted on the success of the subsequent agings as we progress. Number 2 was put into the cask mid-January so it should be ready around the 4th of July.

Brew Day

Why is it that I bound out of bed in the morning when the yeast starter is on the stir plate and the grain has been measured and at room temperature? I have the same feeling at 50 years old on a brew day as I did when I was 13 and headed for a day at the little league field. It's what I love to do. We are conducting a dual brew in the "brewery" today. I will be brewing the Wonder Star Pale Ale and Roscoe (my faithful sidekick) will be brewing up a new recipe that is a moose-Drool clone.