Planting Hops

We purchased 10 hop rhizomes - 5 Columbus and 5 Magnum, for a hop-growing experiment at the ranch. According to the internet (which is ALWAYS right), in Lemoore we are at the very southern edge of the acceptable latitude for the growing of hops. We set up a drip irrigation system and built the necessary trellis for success, now it’s up to the hops to grow.



Hops need a support structure in order to climb and flourish. It is said that the structure should be at least 18 feet tall for fully developed bynes, although we are starting off at 12’ for the first year. We planned for the flexibility to raise the trellis another three feet if required as the plants mature in the next few years. The lines will support the bynes as they grow, and you can see from the photo below that one of the young plants is already winding it’s way around one.


Hops require a lot of moisture but the soil needs to drain well. Hopefully, the summer weather here will not scorch the plants before they can fully mature and produce the hop cones we so desire. Both varieties of hop are hardy and both are excellent clean-bittering varieties. We’ll keep y’all updated on the progress.