Our Logo


I had our logo professionally designed by a company called Logo Design Pros (www.logodesignpros.com). I have used this company before for the design of our "Fitness Solutions" and "Tally-Ho Carriage" company logos and I have been very pleased with their response times, as well as their willingness to go through multiple iterations to satisfy me. They offer several levels of online service and several different packages - I used the most basic (called basic logo package) in each case, which happened to provide three logo design concepts by two different designers and cost $95. I checked this morning and the package price is still the same.

Although I am fairly proficient in the use of Intaglio (a graphic arts program) and Photoshop, I always felt that turning this business aspect over to the professionals was in the best interest of our businesses. I didn't feel that the $95 spent was too much to get a professional look. Not only do you end up with a snappy logo, but they get it to you in a multitude of formats. Bottom line...Sonya and I are very satisfied with the results - it was money well spent.

Our logo means something to us. It took about 10 iterations to get it to this point. I made the mistake of not getting Sonya in on it from the start (it was going to be a surprise). After about five edits on the original design, I proudly presented it to her and she did not have quite the enthusiastic response that I expected. It pissed me off, but I have to admit that, as always, our collaborative effort usually ends up in a better product. I went back to the drawing board. We added the Shire horse emblem from her first carriage company (Stillwater Shires) in Nevada to symbolize the beginning of Sonya's entrepreneurial plunge, the Texas star on top of the logo to make it western (which will be our eventual tasting room theme), and the barley surrounding the horseshoe to highlight the fact that we actually use barley in our beer (poke at the large American light-lager manufacturers intended). Then there is the horseshoe. We have shown the logo to many folks, and some have commented that the horseshoe is traditionally turned the other way so that the luck is held in. We have two comments about that...
1. We don't want to depend on luck. We feel that we can make a go of this using our business experience and passions as a foundation. Those who depend on luck are doomed to mediocrity.
2. Let's face it, a little bit of luck DOES help...so, when you pour a beer into a glass (which is a beer bottle's natural state), the horseshoe will be facing up. There...LUCK!