Shire Horses and Breweries go together like peas & carrots!

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Everyone seems to be familiar with Anheuser-Busch and the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, those stately Scottish-bred horses with superior strength and grace. These big boys were originally bred for hauling coal and working in the labor industry. At the Glasgow Exhibition in Scotland (1826), they received the honorary title, “Clydesdales,” and were soon used as carriage and draft horses. The Clydesdales’ first cousin, the Shire horse from the Shires of England, is a beautiful beast – a “gentle giant” – with feathered legs and substantial height. These horses were descendants of the Old English Black Horse, those courageous brutes that carried armored knights in the days of King Arthur and his Round Table. With their great power and bulk, these equines soon became an agricultural and industrial stand-by, and gained prowess as draft horses, delivering huge loads of brew through muddled country roads to the local taverns. Tradition bestows enduring honor upon the stately Shire. As a symbol of robust character and rich history, it is not unusual to find these sophisticated animals in close proximity to fine craft brewing establishments. Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, California, USA is home to 4 Shires – two geldings (Duke and Dan) and two yearling colts (Max and Zach). Shire Station Brewing Company in Lemoore, California, USA is home to five Shires - a gelding (Duke), three mares (Bailey, Annamay, and Kahlua), and a new Filly (Pride). These glorious creatures can be seen playing in the fields surrounding the brewery, or harnessed in stately grace, ambassadors-of-distribution to the local brewpubs and restaurants.
Carolyn Smagalski, BellaOnline's Beer & Brewing Editor
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Introducing Shire Station's Heinz's Pride!

We are so very proud to announce the newest member of the Shire Station horse stable, born at 3:10 AM on the 20th of April. After "baking" for an extra three weeks, little "Pride" is healthy, happy, energetic, and very personable. Both Filly and Momma (Annamay) are doing great. Although black now (with one white stocking), Pride will lighten as she ages to eventually be white like her mom. In the horse world, we call that a grey.

Pride is named after our good friend and Shire breeder Heinz Naef, who passed away tragically and unexpectedly earlier this year. Pride was his last foal. We were able to buy a very pregnant Annamay following his death and will forever be grateful that we have several of his fantastic Shires here at the ranch.

Presenting Shire Station’s Gentle Giants.

Mouse over a picture for information on our most prized possessions.

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    Shire Mare

    Bailey came to us from Disneyland where she pulled the Trolley on Main Street for three years, so she's kind of a big deal. She is a beautiful 13-year old Shire Mare and is Duke's full sister. If you didn't know better, you'd think she was a Clyde due to her bay color and markings.
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    Shire Gelding

    Duke is stunning and confirmationally perfect. He is a ten-year old Shire gelding who comes from nearby Paso Robles. He's a big boy - 18 hands and pure white. Duke is fantastic under saddle and knows a thing or two about driving. He is Bailey's full brother.
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    Drum Horse

    California's Kahlua Creme was born in 2014 to Bailey (our Shire Mare) and Monarch - our favorite Drum Stallion. Kahlua has a very gentle (but playful) demeanor and is now as big as her momma. She will be a fantastic carriage horse. The Drum Horse breed is defined simply as "a colored Shire Horse" and are extremely rare, with very few being raised anywhere in the world.
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    Clydesdale Mare

    Tenacity came to Shire Station with a great temperament and a knack for riding. Though she has been in harness, she has not driven yet - and may never...who knows? She is a fabulous riding horse though, even though it's a long way down if you fall.
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    Talking Mule

    OK, so Dave (or "3-D" as Sonya and Brandie call him) isn't a draft horse - but he thinks he is. He is a new addition to the team (born in 2014) and has tons of personality and charm. He can be seen most days racing around the pasture chasing our Doberman, Baron.
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    Shire Mare

    Annamay came to us unexpectedly after our good friend and Shire Breeder passed away in early 2017. She is named after his daughter who was tragically killed in a car accident when she was 16. This was a very special horse to him...and thus a very special horse to us. Bonus - she was pregnant with Pride when we bought her.

...and to those who have left us.

When dealing with animals of any kind, there is always the fact thay they are not able to live as long as we do. We are grateful for those that have touched our lives and hold on to their memory fondly. We have dedicated several of our craft beers to their loving memory.

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    Clydesdale Mare

    Bartley was our original carriage horse and was responsible for training Tony. She left us suddenly and unexpectedly on February 1, 2010.
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    Percheron Gelding

    We spent two wonderful years with this gentle giant. With the exception of one day we spent on the carriage taking photos, we never used Pete for any type of event. Due to a injury he never recovered from, we made the tough decision to euthanize him on October 12, 2010.
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    Belgian Gelding

    Morgan was enormous in stature (19-1 hands) and had a huge personality to match. We got him after he retired from the show circuit; he spent his formative years as the wheel horse on a six-up team. We enjoyed his company for two-years before he peacefully passed on.
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    Wonder Star

    Shire Gelding

    Star was a wonderfully sweet, but powerful, Shire Gelding. He left us unexpectedly in March 2014 and was just shy of seven years old when he passed. He did most of our Tally-Ho events as our primary carriage horse, and his playful spirit will be sorely missed. He is peacefully resting at Huska Millenium Acres in Paso Robles.
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    Shire Gelding

    We lost Magnus tragically in the fall of 2014. He was far to young to go and his departure left us reeling. We will never know why he was taken from us at such a young age but it is a testament to the fact that these animals are gifts and to enjoy them while they are here. He is peacefully resting at Huska Millenium Acres in Paso Robles.
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    Belgian Gelding

    Like Morgan, we got Ike knowing he had lived most of his days. This stunning Belgian spent his life on the show circuit and came to Shire Station to retire. We had two great years with Ike before he departed for greener pastures.

Check out this video of some of our beautiful Shires...

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